Cigar And Whiskey: Top Irish Whiskies That Pair Well With Cigars

cigar and whiskey

Have you ever thought of how people came up with the perfect food pairings? Think mixing peanut butter and chocolate to make the most decadent peanut butter cups. Specific tastes go well together. And so do Irish whiskies and cigars.  There are endless combinations of smoke and liquor. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to know where […]

What To Know About Counterfeit Cuban Cigars

counterfeit Cuban cigars

If you’re a cigar lover, you must be wondering what to know about counterfeit Cuban cigars. You know how easy it is to be gullible and fall into the ready trap of counterfeit cigar sellers. Finding counterfeit Cuban cigars isn’t hard.  You can always find plenty of them on websites. Almost 90% of the cigars on […]

Things Cigar Smokers Should Keep In Mind

Cigar smokers

Why do people smoke cigars? Do cigars have nicotine? These are some of the most popular questions among cigar smokers. Cigars have nicotine, and since they can take up to two hours to smoke, they’re an excellent recreational activity. You can smoke one with friends or alone as you reflect. However, there’s more to the […]

Fuente Fuente OpusX’s Top Things to Know

Fuente OpusX's

If you’ve been looking for the top 10 gifts to give your cigar aficionado, then you should definitely consider the Fuente Fuente OpusX. The Arturo Fuente cigars are revered for many reasons, with the common ones being the quality, art, dedication, and experience of smoking these cigars. Nevertheless, the Fuente OpusX stands out globally because […]

Smoke Like Cuban With Cuban Alternatives

Cuban Alternatives

It is not a crime to enjoy a highly-priced Cuban cigar. After all, Cubans have gained popularity for a specific reason: they are high quality, have excellent consistency, and let’s not forget how luxurious they are. But what happens when you no longer want to spend $30 on one cigar? This is why we have […]