How Cigars are Rolled

How Cigars are Rolled

A lot of precision goes into the making of cigars. With the way cigars have moved from just a luxury item to a popular luxury item with a following, great interest is taken by cigar aficionados and curious enthusiasts and investors in the process that gives us the cigar as we know it. This applies […]

Top Unusual and Unique Cigars

Unique Cigars

To understand what makes a cigar unique is to take a deep dive into what every individual cigar is about. From the tobacco to the shape to the age to the entirety of its production process. What truly makes a rare cigar? Is it tobacco? The shape? The age? In many cases, it’s a blend […]

Best Cigars for Beginners

Cigars for Beginners

For a newbie, before you get into the world of cigars and all it entails, it might be daunting, to say the least. For starters, it is imperative that you get acclimated to the taste of cigars. For the most, it’s not your regular tobacco. Hence, it is advisable to get started on something mild […]

Affordable Cigar Alternatives For Expensive Cigars.

Cigar alternatives

As much as we would all love to indulge in a top-shelf cigar regularly, we know it costs a pretty penny. Unless you can sustain that, then, by all means, do so. Stick around for this one, though. Many premium cigar smokers love the quality smokes, and a lot of the time, there aren’t many […]

Are Expensive Cigars Better

Cuban Alternatives

Expensive sometimes means better. Perhaps you might think it overpriced. Just right, maybe. Are expensive cigars better? It’s all relative from one person to the next. To better unpack this question, it is imperative to understand what makes certain cigars and certain types of tobacco more expensive and whether that makes them better. High-quality premium […]