Cigar Lounge Etiquette: A Comprehensive FAQ for the Sophisticated Smoker

Cigar lounge etiquette is the set of rules and manners that should be followed when entering a cigar lounge. Cigar lounges are usually found in bars, clubs or private residences, and offer a relaxed atmosphere for smoking cigars. The etiquette varies from place to place, but generally speaking it involves being courteous to other patrons and showing respect for the environment.


The basic elements of cigar lounge etiquette involve proper clothing; dressing appropriately with collared shirts and no offensive logos or messages on clothing. Shoes must also be appropriate – no flip-flops or sandals allowed. Other items include bringing your own cigars rather than asking others to share theirs, not cutting too much off the end of a cigar before lighting it up, taking care when disposing of ashtrays and matches after use, not leaving behind smoke residue on furniture or surfaces and refraining from excessive noise.

It’s also important to note that some lounges have specific policies regarding food consumption within their premises; as such, it’s best to check beforehand whether food is allowed inside. Many cigar lounges provide an array of snacks for guests which should always be consumed responsibly so as not to distract other patrons from enjoying their experience in peace. Each individual should understand that smoking can present health risks even if done in moderation – so caution must always be exercised when indulging in this activity.

Is It Acceptable to Smoke Inside a Cigar Lounge?

Yes, it is acceptable to smoke inside a cigar lounge. Most cigar lounges are designed for this purpose and the majority of them allow smoking indoors. Many cigar lounges will even provide ashtrays and other amenities specifically for smoking cigars. It is important to respect the establishment’s rules when visiting a cigar lounge, as some may prohibit smoking in certain areas or have different regulations regarding indoor air quality. Many places have restrictions on which types of cigars can be smoked indoors.

What Should I Wear When Visiting a Cigar Lounge?

When visiting a cigar lounge, it is important to dress appropriately. Smart casual attire is recommended, with items such as collared shirts and trousers being ideal. If possible, avoid wearing overly baggy or revealing clothing, as this may make you feel uncomfortable in the more formal setting of a cigar lounge. It is worth considering the climate when deciding what to wear – while long-sleeved shirts are usually best for colder climates, opting for lighter fabrics in hotter environments can help keep you comfortable throughout your visit.

How Long Can I Stay in the Cigar Lounge?

The length of time you can stay in a cigar lounge will vary depending on the specific establishment and its rules. Generally, patrons are asked to limit their visits to two hours or less. This allows other customers to enjoy the atmosphere of the cigar lounge while ensuring that everyone gets a chance to experience it. Most cigar lounges will have limits on how many cigars an individual can purchase per visit as well as minimum purchases required for each visit. These policies ensure that everyone has access to the same selection and quality of products without one customer monopolizing resources or taking advantage of discounts.

Is There an Age Restriction for Entering a Cigar Lounge?

Yes, there is an age restriction for entering a cigar lounge. In the United States, patrons must be 21 years or older to enter a cigar lounge. This is due to the fact that most states require those purchasing tobacco products to be of legal age. Similarly, many countries around the world also have an age restriction for entering a cigar lounge, with ages varying from 18-21 years old depending on location.

Are Drinks Allowed in the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, drinks are allowed in cigar lounges. Depending on the specific lounge, patrons may be able to bring their own alcoholic beverages or they may need to purchase them from the bar. Non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee and soda are typically available for purchase. It is important that all drinks be consumed responsibly, since excessive alcohol consumption can ruin the smoking experience for other patrons. It is courteous to ask permission before lighting up a cigar if someone else’s drink is nearby.

Is Talking Allowed in a Cigar Lounge?

Yes, talking is allowed in a cigar lounge. However, it should be done with respect for other patrons and staff. Conversation should be kept to an appropriate volume so that it does not interfere with the relaxation of other guests. It is also important to avoid topics such as religion or politics, which could lead to unwanted arguments or debates. Conversations should always be respectful and polite; harsh language or offensive comments are not acceptable in a cigar lounge environment. Smokers should ensure they do not blow smoke directly at someone else while conversing as this can cause discomfort for some people.

Do I Need to Bring My Own Cigars?

No, you do not need to bring your own cigars when visiting a cigar lounge. Most cigar lounges provide a selection of high-quality cigars for purchase at the bar or counter. Many cigar lounges also offer a membership program that includes discounts on certain cigars and other perks such as private lockers or personalized humidors. Many cigar lounges have knowledgeable staff who can help guide patrons in selecting the right cigar for their tastes and preferences.

Is There a Dress Code for the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, there is a dress code for cigar lounges. Generally, visitors should dress in neat, casual attire and refrain from wearing shorts or sandals. Depending on the specific lounge, collared shirts may be required. It is best to check with the individual cigar lounge prior to visiting as their dress code may vary. Guests should avoid using strong perfumes or colognes while smoking cigars as this can affect other patrons’ enjoyment of their own cigars.

Is It Okay to Ask Questions About Cigars?

Yes, it is okay to ask questions about cigars in a cigar lounge. In fact, asking questions is encouraged as part of the etiquette of a cigar lounge. Questions can help newcomers become more knowledgeable about cigars and gain confidence when smoking with others. Asking thoughtful and polite questions shows respect for fellow smokers and demonstrates an eagerness to learn more about the world of cigars.

Is it Necessary to Have Knowledge of Cigars Before Entering a Cigar Lounge?

No, it is not necessary to have knowledge of cigars before entering a cigar lounge. Cigar lounges are generally welcoming environments for people of all levels of experience and knowledge about cigars. They provide an atmosphere for learning and enjoying the smoking experience with others who may share your same interest or just be curious about trying something new. Many cigar lounges will offer guidance to those who may be unfamiliar with cigar culture and etiquette, as well as different types of cigars available on their menu. Many lounges also host events such as tastings or educational classes which can help beginners become more familiar with the basics of cigars.

Is It Appropriate to Share Your Cigar With Others?

No, it is not appropriate to share your cigar with others in a cigar lounge. Cigar sharing goes against the social norms of most lounges as it can be considered impolite and unhygienic. Cigars are often expensive and many smokers prefer to savor their own cigar without having to split it with someone else. Some may have allergies or other health conditions that make it dangerous for them to smoke another person’s cigar. For these reasons, cigar sharing should not take place in a lounge setting.

Is Smoking Multiple Cigars at Once Allowed?

No, smoking multiple cigars at once is not allowed. The smoke from more than one cigar can be overwhelming to others in the lounge and the flavors of the cigars will become muddled when mixed together. It is considered rude to monopolize a cigar lounge with too much smoke from several cigars burning at once. It is best practice to limit yourself to smoking one cigar at a time so that you may enjoy all its nuances and still remain respectful of other patrons in the lounge.

Is Asking For Lightings or Ashtrays Permitted?

Yes, asking for lightings or ashtrays is permitted in cigar lounges. It is considered polite to ask a fellow patron if they have a lighter or an ashtray before getting up to find one yourself. This allows the patron to offer their own lighting and/or ashtray rather than you having to search around the lounge for one. It is respectful to keep your belongings with you at all times while in the lounge so that other patrons do not mistake them as being theirs.

Is Taking Pictures Allowed in the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, taking pictures is allowed in a cigar lounge. However, some lounges may have restrictions on photography due to the need for privacy or because of concerns over the potential use of photos by tobacco companies. Before taking any pictures inside the lounge, it is important to check with staff to ensure that there are no restrictions or policies against doing so. Always be respectful and courteous when taking photos as some patrons may not want their picture taken.

Is Eating Food Allowed in the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, eating food is allowed in cigar lounges. Generally, cigars are enjoyed as part of a social activity with other people and most establishments that cater to cigar smokers will offer food options such as snacks or light meals. Depending on the lounge, these can range from small plates to full entrees and desserts. However, it’s important to note that due to the fact that smoking cigars tends to produce an intense aroma, it’s recommended that patrons keep their food consumption minimal so as not to interfere with the enjoyment of others who may be present.

Should I Tip the Bartender or Server in the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, you should tip the bartender or server in a cigar lounge. A good rule of thumb is to leave a 20% gratuity on your total bill. This is an appropriate way to show appreciation for the service provided by the bartender or server. It’s important to remember that some cigar lounges are small establishments where staff members may rely heavily on tips as part of their income. Leaving a generous tip will help ensure they can continue providing excellent customer service and maintain the quality of their lounge.

Is It Appropriate to Talk on the Phone While in the Cigar Lounge?

No, it is not appropriate to talk on the phone while in a cigar lounge. Cell phones are a distraction that can take away from the enjoyment of other patrons in the lounge. The atmosphere of a cigar lounge is one of relaxation and camaraderie, so conversations should be kept quiet and respectful towards other guests. Many lounges have policies against cell phone usage as they can disrupt others’ experiences or be used to record without permission. Out of respect for other guests, it is best to leave any calls until after leaving the premises.

Is Bringing Pets Into the Cigar Lounge Acceptable?

No, bringing pets into a cigar lounge is not acceptable. This is due to the fact that cigar lounges are intended for customers to relax and enjoy their cigars without distractions or disruptions. Pets can be a distraction both visually and audibly, which can detract from the atmosphere of the cigar lounge. Some people may have allergies to certain animals that could cause an uncomfortable situation in such close proximity.

Is Making Requests for Specialty Cigars Appropriate?

Yes, making requests for specialty cigars is appropriate in a cigar lounge. Generally, lounges will have a wide variety of different types of cigars from which to choose and many are happy to accommodate requests for specialty items if they are available. Experienced staff may be able to offer recommendations or suggest similar alternatives that could provide the desired experience.

Are E-Cigarettes Allowed in the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, e-cigarettes are allowed in cigar lounges. Most cigar lounges allow the use of both traditional cigarettes and e-cigarettes, as long as they are not interfering with other customers’ enjoyment of their cigars. E-cigarette users must still abide by the same smoking etiquette that applies to cigar smokers: no blowing smoke directly at other patrons or making excessive noise from the device. E-cigarette users should be mindful of any odors produced from their devices that could potentially affect the experience for those around them.

Is It Okay to Move Around and Interact with Other Guests?

Yes, it is okay to move around and interact with other guests in a cigar lounge. Interacting with other patrons in the lounge can be an enjoyable experience as it allows for socializing, networking, and exchanging of ideas or stories. Moving around the room gives one the opportunity to sample different cigars from various manufacturers.

When interacting with others in a cigar lounge, there are certain etiquette guidelines that should be followed. These include being respectful of other guests’ personal space and keeping conversations at a reasonable volume so as not to disrupt those who may wish to relax or read in peace. It is also important to refrain from giving unsolicited advice on how someone else should smoke their cigar – everyone has their own preferences when it comes to enjoying this pastime. Some lounges may have designated smoking areas; if these exist they should always be respected by all patrons of the lounge.

While there are certain etiquette rules that should be observed when visiting a cigar lounge and interacting with others within it, doing so can still lead to an enjoyable experience where new connections can potentially be made.

Is It Proper to Give Compliments on Someone Else’s Cigar?

Yes, it is proper to give compliments on someone else’s cigar. Cigar smoking is an art form and a way for people to enjoy the company of others while relaxing and enjoying their favorite smoke. Compliments can show appreciation for the time and effort put into selecting a quality cigar as well as admiration for another smoker’s knowledge and skill in choosing a good one. Offering compliments on cigars also provides an opportunity to share information about each other’s preferences or brands they may not be familiar with. This helps create a more connected environment between smokers who are engaging in conversation, which is ultimately what many lounges strive for.

Is Using Lighters That Create Sparks Allowed?

No, using lighters that create sparks is not allowed in cigar lounges. This is because such lighters can be dangerous and may cause a fire if used incorrectly. The sparks created by these lighters can damage cigars and other items found in a cigar lounge. It is therefore recommended to use soft flame or torch-style lighters instead as they are much safer and less likely to cause damage.

Is Blowing Smoke Rings Encouraged or Discouraged?

Blowing smoke rings is generally discouraged in cigar lounges. This practice can be distracting and intrusive to other patrons, as well as potentially irritating to those with respiratory sensitivities. Some establishments have policies that explicitly forbid blowing smoke rings due to their potential nuisance factor. As such, it is best for cigar lounge patrons to refrain from blowing smoke rings while enjoying cigars in the lounge environment.

Is Knocking Ash Off of a Cigar Appropriate?

Yes, knocking ash off of a cigar is an acceptable practice in cigar lounges. Knocking the ash off of a cigar helps keep the smoke from becoming too hot and preserves the flavor of the cigar. This can be done by tapping the end of the cigar gently on an ashtray or other hard surface. If using an ashtray, make sure to hold it away from you so that any ashes that fall do not land on your clothing or furniture. Avoid shaking out excess ashes as this may cause them to scatter and become disruptive for other patrons in the lounge.

Is Loud Conversation Tolerated in the Cigar Lounge?

No, loud conversation is not tolerated in the cigar lounge. A cigar lounge is meant to be a quiet, relaxed atmosphere where patrons can enjoy their cigars and conversations without disrupting other guests. Therefore, patrons should keep their voices at an appropriate volume so as not to disturb other guests or staff members. Guests are expected to respect the smoking rules of the establishment and refrain from speaking loudly while smoking indoors.

Is Chewing Gum Allowed in the Cigar Lounge?

No, chewing gum is not allowed in a cigar lounge. Many cigar lounges have strict no-chewing-gum policies due to the fact that it can be a distraction and detract from the overall atmosphere of the establishment. Some people may find it disrespectful to chew gum while smoking cigars as it implies a lack of respect for their hobby. Chewing gum can lead to unwanted stickiness on surfaces or staining of furniture which could incur additional costs for the owner of the establishment. For these reasons, many cigar lounges do not allow chewing gum within their walls.

Is Shouting Across the Room Appropriate?

No, shouting across the room is not appropriate in a cigar lounge. A cigar lounge is typically a place for relaxation and conversation, so it’s important to be mindful of other patrons and keep your voice at an appropriate level. If you need to communicate with someone who is not near you, using subtle hand gestures or quietly asking them to come closer can be much more effective than yelling across the room. Many people visit cigar lounges to enjoy a quiet atmosphere without interruption or distraction; thus, shouting can disrupt that experience for others.

Are Jokes and Humor Appreciated in the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, jokes and humor are appreciated in the cigar lounge. Humor is a great way to break the ice and create an atmosphere of relaxation that many cigar smokers enjoy. It can also be used to lighten any awkwardness or tension between strangers who have just met in the lounge. Sharing funny stories or anecdotes about experiences with cigars can help bring people together and promote camaraderie among fellow smokers. As long as it’s not offensive or disruptive, jokes and humor are generally welcomed in the cigar lounge.

Is Passing a Lit Cigar to Another Person Allowed?

No, it is not considered polite to pass a lit cigar to another person. Doing so can be dangerous as the lit end of the cigar may cause burns or start a fire if handled incorrectly. Passing a lit cigar can create an uncomfortable situation for the recipient and make them feel rushed or obligated to smoke. It is recommended that guests light their own cigars when in a lounge setting, as this allows everyone to enjoy their experience at their own pace.

Is Playing Music in the Cigar Lounge Acceptable?

Yes, playing music in the cigar lounge is acceptable as long as it is done in a respectful manner. Music should be kept at an appropriate volume so that conversation can still take place and respect for other patrons’ preferences is maintained. It should be chosen to fit the atmosphere of the room – something upbeat and jazzy would be more suitable than hard rock or heavy metal. Ultimately, it’s important that all guests feel comfortable and enjoy their time at the cigar lounge while also respecting each other’s boundaries.

Is Discussing Politics Welcome in the Cigar Lounge?

No, discussing politics is not welcome in the cigar lounge. Cigar lounges are places where people come to relax and enjoy their time with friends or colleagues. Political debates can often become heated, distracting from the pleasant atmosphere of a cigar lounge. Bringing up divisive political topics may cause discomfort or offend other patrons who hold different opinions on the subject matter.

Is Wearing Perfume or Cologne Allowed?

Yes, wearing perfume or cologne is allowed in a cigar lounge. However, it should be done in moderation as strong scents can overpower the scent of the cigars and detract from other patrons’ enjoyment. Customers should avoid spraying fragrances directly onto their cigars or into the air of the lounge to prevent smoke contamination. It’s important for people to be considerate of those around them when using any type of fragrance in a public setting like a cigar lounge.

Is Reclining in Chairs Allowed?

Yes, reclining in chairs is allowed in cigar lounges. Many cigar lounges have comfortable seating with recliners and couches that allow guests to relax while they enjoy their cigars. In some cases, there may be a limit to how far back the chairs can be pushed, as this could be disruptive for other guests or employees. It is important to follow any rules posted by the lounge regarding appropriate chair use and other behaviors expected of its patrons.

Is Excessive Swearing Tolerated in the Cigar Lounge?

No, excessive swearing is not tolerated in the cigar lounge. The atmosphere of a cigar lounge should be one of respect and politeness, so any type of language that does not meet this standard will be seen as inappropriate. Swearing can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for both the smoker and those around them, which could lead to a negative experience for all involved. Therefore, it is best to use appropriate language when in the cigar lounge.

Is Standing Up During Conversations Allowed?

Yes, standing up during conversations in a cigar lounge is allowed. Standing up can help create an atmosphere of respect and camaraderie between the members of the group, as well as allow for more freedom of movement and body language. It may be easier to converse with other guests if everyone is standing. However, it is important to note that standing should not disrupt or intrude on other conversations taking place in the lounge. Respectful conduct should always be observed when engaging with others inside a cigar lounge.

Is It Okay to Offer Unsolicited Advice About Cigars?

No, it is not okay to offer unsolicited advice about cigars in a cigar lounge. Cigar lounges are meant to be a place of relaxation and enjoyment for all patrons, so offering advice without being asked can be intrusive and disruptive. The other patrons may have different tastes or preferences that do not match the advice given. Some people may find it offensive if someone offers unsolicited advice in an environment like a cigar lounge where everyone is expected to respect each other’s choices.

Are Electronic Devices Allowed in the Cigar Lounge?

Yes, electronic devices are allowed in cigar lounges. However, it is important to be mindful of the environment and not disrupt others who may be enjoying their time away from technology. Many lounges have policies about phone use that should be respected; for example, some do not allow phones to be used for calls or even text messages. It is recommended to keep the volume on any device low so as not to disturb other patrons. Using a device while smoking can lead to increased health risks due to second-hand smoke exposure. Therefore, if an individual chooses to use a device while in the lounge they should take proper precautions such as wearing headphones or maintaining distance from others in order to minimize any potential hazards associated with this activity.

Is Singing Allowed in the Cigar Lounge?

No, singing is not allowed in a cigar lounge. The atmosphere of a cigar lounge is one of relaxation and contemplation, and loud singing can be disruptive to other patrons who are seeking the quiet environment that the cigar lounge provides. Because many cigars have a strong aroma, it could be unpleasant for singers to take deep breaths while singing which could lead to inhaling too much smoke. Smoking cigars produces smoke which can cause discomfort if there is an excessive amount present in the air due to someone singing.

Is Leaving Cigar Butts Behind Acceptable?

No, leaving cigar butts behind is not acceptable. Cigar lounges are places of relaxation and should be kept clean for all visitors. Discarding used cigars in the lounge can make the space look unkempt and create an unpleasant atmosphere. Other patrons may find it disrespectful or inconsiderate to leave behind cigarette butts after enjoying their time in a cigar lounge.

Is Spitting Out Partially Smoked Cigars Allowed?

No, spitting out partially smoked cigars is not allowed in cigar lounges. Cigar smoking etiquette dictates that the cigar should be smoked until it has burned completely and the ash has fallen off naturally. This practice respects the tobacco farmers who have worked hard to provide quality cigars, as well as other patrons of the lounge who are there to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Spitting out a partially-smoked cigar would also create an unpleasant environment for other people in the lounge due to both potential mess and bad odor.

Is Lighting Candles or Incense Allowed?

No, lighting candles or incense is not allowed in cigar lounges. This is because the aroma of burning candles and incense can interfere with the taste and flavor of cigars, diminishing their enjoyment for other patrons. The smoke from these items could be an irritant to others. To ensure that everyone enjoys their experience in a cigar lounge, it is important to respect this rule and avoid using candles or incense while smoking cigars.

Is Moving Furniture Around Permissible?

Yes, moving furniture around in a cigar lounge is permissible as long as it does not disrupt the atmosphere of the lounge or cause discomfort to other guests. It is important for patrons to be mindful of their surroundings and respect any requests from staff or fellow guests when rearranging furniture. If additional seating is needed, it may be best to ask if there are extra chairs available before attempting to move existing pieces of furniture. Guests should avoid obstructing walkways or blocking exits while rearranging furniture.

Is Using Flash Photography Allowed?

No, flash photography is not allowed in cigar lounges. Flash photography can be disruptive to other patrons and can also damage the cigars themselves. The intense light of a flash has been known to burn delicate wrappers and ruin the flavor of some varieties. Flashes can be startling or even uncomfortable for other guests who may have difficulty adjusting their eyes after the sudden burst of light. For these reasons, most cigar lounges prohibit the use of flash photography on premises.

Is Foul Language Tolerated in the Cigar Lounge?

No, foul language is not tolerated in the cigar lounge. Etiquette within a cigar lounge requires that all members respect one another and act responsibly. As such, vulgarity and profanity have no place in this setting and will likely lead to expulsion from the establishment. Not only does it create an uncomfortable atmosphere for other patrons, but it also reflects poorly on the entire community of cigar aficionados who are trying to maintain a certain level of class and sophistication. Many owners of cigar lounges view their businesses as sanctuaries where people can relax without having to worry about being exposed to offensive language or behavior.

Is Sitting on Tables Allowed?

No, sitting on tables is not allowed in a cigar lounge. Most cigar lounges have designated seating and standing areas for guests to enjoy their cigars. Sitting on tables could damage the furniture or leave unpleasant odors that other patrons may find off-putting. It can be seen as disrespectful to staff and other guests who are trying to enjoy the atmosphere of the lounge.

Is It Alright to Make Noise When Opening Packages of Cigars?

Yes, it is acceptable to make noise when opening packages of cigars in a cigar lounge. This type of noise, such as tearing the wrapper off or cracking open the humidor lid, is expected and generally accepted in this environment. Lounges are often filled with conversation and background music, so making some noise while opening a package will not disrupt the atmosphere. Many lounges have staff members who can provide assistance if needed when opening a cigar package.

Is Touching Other People’s Cigars Without Permission Acceptable?

No, touching other people’s cigars without permission is not acceptable. Cigar lounge etiquette dictates that smokers should only handle their own cigars and refrain from handling or passing around those belonging to others. Doing so can be seen as a sign of disrespect and could make other cigar smokers uncomfortable. It is important to remember that the cigar lounge environment is meant for relaxation and camaraderie among fellow aficionados, so it is best to respect each other’s personal property while sharing an enjoyable experience.

Is Pouring Drinks for Others Allowed?

Yes, pouring drinks for others is allowed in a cigar lounge. It can be seen as an act of hospitality and kindness that allows guests to enjoy their experience more fully. Pouring drinks also helps create a sense of community within the lounge, as members are able to share and bond over something they have in common. When pouring drinks for someone else, it’s important to be mindful of the other person’s preference when it comes to type and amount of alcohol. It’s best practice to pour one’s own drink before offering a round for everyone else. This demonstrates respect for oneself and creates a culture where each individual is taking care of themselves first before tending to others’ needs.

Is It Respectful to Blow Smoke Towards Other Guests?

No, it is not respectful to blow smoke towards other guests in a cigar lounge. The etiquette of a cigar lounge emphasizes mutual respect and courtesy between all parties present. Blowing smoke directly at another person can be seen as rude and impolite, creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for those around them. Second-hand smoke can be harmful to others’ health, making it even more important to avoid blowing smoke in the direction of other people.

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