CigarMedics Humidimeter

I wish I would have thought of this.

While we use humidors to store our precious babies, this little gadget really takes the cake!

Now you can tell exactly how humidified your cigar is for the perfect smoke.

Cigar Humidimeter

Too dry? Humidify it longer.

Too wet. Keep it out so it dries out.

This will definitely enhance your cigar smoking experience.

Check out the details:

From, “The HumidiMeter™ is a one of a kind patented measuring device that quickly and accurately gives you a digital readout of the relative humidity inside your premium cigar. Other gauges measure the humidity in the air that surrounds the cigar, which can be markedly different than the actual humidity reading in your cigar. It is widely assumed that the humidity (or moisture content) within the cigar replicates the humidity level in your humidor. This is not always true. It can take weeks and sometimes months for a cigar to reach equilibrium.* The HumidiMeter™ will inform you instantly how close to equilibrium your cigar really is. The HumidiMeter™ eliminates the need to squeeze your cigar in order to determine your preferred humidity level. * Humidity in a cigar and humidity in the humidor in which the cigar was stored are equal”

FEATURES– Batteries Included
– Easy to read LED screen
– Simple single-button functionality
– Metal leads double as a cigar holder

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