How Do You Pair Cigars With Drinks?

How Do You Pair Cigars With Drinks?

You might have the best cigar apps or the top cigar blogs readily available. You might even be an experienced cigar smoker with vast knowledge about the industry. Nevertheless, the art of pairing cigars and drinks can be a challenging one.

How do you pair cigars with drinks
How do you pair cigars with drinks

Different cigars match well with different types of drinks like scotch, rum, whiskey, and wine. So, instead of having your drink with dinner only, pair it with your favorite cigar for the ultimate relaxation experience. But how do you pair cigars with drinks? Let’s find out.

  1. Cigar And Scotch Pairing

It doesn’t matter how much you crave that single malt scotch that’s been in your basement for a year. When it comes to scotch and cigar pairing, your option shouldn’t overpower the cigar. The perfect blend is one that allows the cigar to pick up where the drink left off.

Therefore, pair your blended and peaty flavored scotch with a cigar that offers smoky tones. If you have a scotch that lends sweet, smooth, and peaty flavors, a smooth and fairly average body cigar is your best bet.

Always be aware that the different scotch flavors will make it challenging to pair your drink with the perfect cigar. So when you can, cultivate your personal taste and determine the flavors that balance out perfectly to your preference.

  • Whiskey And Cigar Pairing

Cigar pairings with whiskey are not something to miss out on. Besides, the testing process is easy. Nevertheless, stay away from smoky whiskeys as much as you can. Go for the rich flavored whiskey types instead.

A good example is Speysider. Your cigar will balance perfectly with the richness of Speysider to give you an amazing experience. If what you want is smoke on the smoke outcome, then Ardbeg should be your whiskey choice for an out of the box experience. Or pair an Ashton Estate Sun Grown Cigar with the Gentleman Jack for the classic guy experience.

  • Rum And Cigar Pairing

How do you pair cigars with drinks? Choose the most logical drink choice for pairing, rum. Rum and cigars blend perfectly because the ingredients used to make both, like tobacco, grow in similar climates.

Besides, numerous rum types blend and complement their flavors well with cigars. But if you want the ultimate experience, pair the full-bodied smokes of rum essence with the medium-bodied cigars. The cigar will grow stronger in its smoky flavor as the rum absorbs slowly into your taste buds.

The light to medium-bodied cigar is a counterpart to many cigars that allows for different variations and freedom of choice.  

  • Wine And Cigar Pairing

Let’s start with white wines; stay clear of them if you want to smoke your cigar too. This is because they present a high level of acidity when paired with cigars. Therefore, your cigar will overpower the wine. Instead, pair a Vignoles wine with a Perdomo Grand Cru to get the fresh white wine feeling.

For red wines, the full grape flavor of a merlot overpowers the cigar. So, pair a Padron 3000 Maduro cigar and a Penfolds Koonunga Hill. The flavor from the two makes a flawless finish that you can familiarize yourself with. Nevertheless, experiment with tangy flavored darker reds and other sweet white wines.

  • Beer And Cigar Pairing

Sitting on the patio during the sunset with a nice cold brew and a cigar is a heavenly experience. Moreover, pairing your cigar with your beer is easy. All you need to do is think about what you love. Or, try a beer with a central flavor with a nice balance paired with a medium or light bodied cigar surrounded by a rich and spicy flavor from the outer leaf.

  • Cigar And Cocktail Pairing

Stick to the classics if you want a nice cocktail and cigar blend. This means remaining old fashioned with your cocktail choices. For instance, the Old fashion cocktail blends well with cigars.

Add one sugar cube, a bitter dash, an orange, a cherry, a lemon slice, and two ounces of whiskey, and you will not regret the outcome. This cocktail works well with a full-bodied cigar. The full flavor of the cigar and the smoothness of the cocktail will give you the right kick. But, don’t be shy to mix up the cocktail as you please.

  • Coffee And Cigar Pairing

Yes, coffee and cigars pair well too. Besides, coffee drinking is a way of life for many people. So don’t shy away from having your favorite cup of coffee with your cigar. Cigar smokers will be happy to know that only a little research is needed to find the right cigar and coffee pair.

More often than not, the flavor from the coffee and the cigar will overlap and create a harmonious symphony. Nevertheless, look at how the ingredients in your coffee and your cigar are grown. For instance, a medium or a dark roasted coffee will pair well with a Perdomo Habano cigar.

The cigar’s strength will produce a silky smooth smoke, and the coffee will spike the zest that lies beneath its leaves. Also, feel free to go wild with your coffee choices. Any medium to dark roasted coffee will do the trick.

So, how do you pair cigars with drinks? Start by identifying the cigars to smoke, then find the right drink to pair your smoke experience. The journey will be filled with numerous trials and errors. But don’t give up on your cigar makers and whiskey distillers because once you’ve found your perfect match, the experience will be unmatched.

Just remember, stay away from the smokier flavours when drinking whisky and select a hearty beer to balance the cigar torque. That being said, the most important thing to remember is that your natural tasting abilities should be your defining factor. So go for the pair that suits your palate.

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