Top Cigar Blogs For Learning More About Cigars

Whether you are new to the cigar scene or you’ve been at it for millennia, you are going to need some reference for what the market has in store for you before you decide to make a purchase. Your best bet is probably a recognized publication or a popular blog on the subject, so where do you even start?

There are thousands of blogs and magazines on the issue, but a few of them stand out for one reason or another. This list covers some of the most comprehensive guides you can utilize.

  1. Cigar Dojo

If you are ever looking for advice from anyone, your advisor will only be as reliable as the advice they give. Cigar Dojo is a unit made up of many cigar fanatics who try out as many brands of smoke as they can and share their thoughts on them. While they do not claim to be experts, they give honest cigar reviews on the products they try out. Use their experience as a base reference for your market research when looking for the best cigars for beginners.

  • Cigar Inspector

Stemming from one individual’s curious journal entries, Cigar Inspector grew to be a  large community of cigar enthusiasts. Over time, the site attracted contributors and readers willing to share their experiences with Cuban cigars for sale and available Cuban cigars online. Having authors worldwide gave them the power to review Cuban and non-Cuban cigars by price and origin.

  • Fine Tobacco NYC

Starting over a decade ago, Fine Tobacco NYC took off as a review site for spirits and cigars while doubling up as an event community. Hosting hundreds of events for stogie cigar and liquor fanatics, the blog attracts over 1500 attendees annually. This has made Fine Tobacco the most extensive assembly for cigar lovers to meet and discover the best cigars for beginners. You’ll also learn about the art and craft of such, from stogie cigars to wholesale cigars and real Cuban cigars.

  • Halfwheel

Halfwheel emerged from two cigar bloggers’ combined efforts who merged their content archives into a mega library of the useful catalog of cigar brands and products. Its origin comes from the tradition of cigar factories wrapping bunches of 50 stogie cigars in newspapers, half of the original packaging with 100 cigars. Halfwheel seeks to salvage cigar blogs’ reputation by providing committed professional effort into the research and review of Cuban cigars for sale from Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and more. 

  • Cigar Cutter Expert

 Cigar Cutter Expert is put together by a small team passionate about the cigar lifestyle. Everything from stogie cigars to the best Cuban cigars online is featured along with associated products and accessories. Their blog content covers various cigar reviews and the habits and trends that constitute the cigar lifestyle. They offer sound advice, mainly investing in the best cigar cutter and humidor to produce the rich blend of aromas and flavors you want.

  • Cigar Craig

In the late 90s, Craig Vanderslice turned to explore the internet to chase his interest in cigars. Along the way, through chat rooms, websites and communities set up around the subject, through his interaction with consumers and producers in the scene, he started Cigar Craig. He does cigar reviews, their magazines, cigar bars, and the accessories from cigars for beginners to the spectrum’s premium end. This blog also features a rating system that ranks Cuban cigars online, their accessories, and shops from abysmal to the very best- giving readers a good idea of what to expect from their purchasing decisions.

  • Stogie Guys

Stogie Guys is run by three guys who co-founded the blog. They perform the writing, editing, and publishing of the review content in the blog. Their content revolves around Cigars for sale, especially real Cuban cigars and the large variety of brands that evolved from them. The Stogie Guys do an outstanding job in highlighting the origins and history of any particular Cuban cigars for sale– describing the shape, size, flavors, and specifications of every item on review. Readers have a clear idea of what to expect from their purchases after reading the related cigar reviews in this blog.

  • Cigar Cigar

It’s not always easy to find reliable information on the best cigars for beginners. Cigar Cigar was created by a classy team of smokers seeking to fill that gap. Its team finds and reviews the best products on the market, from simple stogies to wholesale cigars. This makes it easier for readers to make an informed decision before buying wholesale cigars or their accessories. Also featured are how-to guides and tips and advice where you can learn a lot more about the cigar lifestyle and its intricacies.

  • Cigar Emperor

Having smoked cigars for over two decades, Mathew- the founder of Cigar Emperor, has traveled the world to sample the best available tobacco. Quality products and excellent customer service have been at the core of his philosophy over anything else. Cigar Emperor takes pride in being the leading resource for everything related to cigars. Its team of specialists transparently recommends only the most enjoyable real Cuban cigars available. It features a great list of cigar reviews and recommended shops for finding cigars online, and useful tips and advice for beginners.

  1. Cigar Aficionado

Arguably one of the most popular magazines on the topic, Cigar Aficionado boasts an in-depth collection of articles, essays, and stories around the cigar lifestyle. Pop Stars and celebrities grace its covers on every issue headlining particular brands alongside listings of the best cigar products and accessories for the year. If you are looking for new cigars to try out or expand your selections, this may be the best catalog for you to explore and discover your taste.

Sure, you will find a multitude of other blogs about Cigars on the internet. But, if you are looking for the best in the lot, give these ten a chance. They will not disappoint you.

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