Kafie Cigars Now Available In Thailand

Kafie Cigars Now Available In Thailand

Tabacalera G Kafie Y Compañia Cigar Emperor is now making these wonderful highly rated cigars available throughout Thailand. Kafie cigars is owned and run by Dr Gaby Kafie and these are some of his words: ” Cigars have played a critical role in my entire life.  It seems that no matter what I was going through in life, cigars always gave me the ability to disconnect and find peace in that moment.  That moment of solitude and reflection.  It became clear to me that cigars were a very important part of my life and my person.   Being an extremely competitive and passionate person, I always felt down deep inside, that I had the driving force to create something special.  It was in 2013 that I created Kafie 1901 Cigars.  A company which would represent our family, our history in

A Chat With Julio Eiora, founder of JRE Tobacco

Justo Eiora talks about the history of the corojo seed and why they focus exclusively on it for their cigars. Justo Eiora is one of the founder of JRE Tobacco and a contributor to the Cigar Journal.

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