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Cigar Emperor is a global cigar distribution company.
Driven by a team of professionals with more than 20 years in the industry.

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Cigar Emperor is a one stop hub for sourcing leaves, cigars, packaging materials, accessories and anything related to the cigar industry.

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and with the technical knowledge and care that our team possess, you can be sure that working with and purchasing from Cigar Emperor will always be a pleasureful experience.

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Cigar brands looking for Asian cigar distribution?

Let our team get your products out into multiple markets fast with swift activations and penetration.

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Tobacco in Uganda:

Commercial tobacco growing in Uganda began in 1927 and currently the crop is grown in four regions in Bunyoro in mid Western Uganda, West Nile

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Tobacco in Turkey:

Turkey, with luxurious turquoise water, white limestone coastlines, and the lush clay soils of the Mediterranean temperate climate zone, grows the humble tobacco crop. Tobacco

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Tobacco in Indonesia:

First of all, we should recognize that the former Dutch colony of Indonesia has a distinguished history of tobacco growing that dates back hundreds of

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Tobacco in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, tobacco cultivation occupies only 0.4% of the total cultivable land. It is grown in specific locations, in contrast to other crops such as

Our team comprises of unique individuals who are true cigar experts that speak multiple languages. From the far east, to Europe and USA, we have every part of the globe covered.