Different Types Of Cigar Wrappers

Different Types Of Cigar Wrappers

You now know the top 10 cigars to smoke in 2021.

But when you look at a cigar, what is the first thing you notice?

Its wrapper.

different types of cigar wrappers
different types of cigar wrappers

Many manufacturers use the wrapper to indicate what is inside the cigar.

In truth, many different types of cigar wrappers exist.

Sure, they are made from thicker and bigger tobacco leaves from the lower sections of the tobacco plant.

But the process of cultivation, the more blemish-free the tobacco leaves are, and the aging process of these leaves all contribute to the optimum flavour profile and appearance each wrapper offers.

Not to mention that there are at least 50 types of wrapper leaves that originate from the four primary types: Habano, Corojo, Connecticut, and Maduro.

Besides, these wrappers come in different colors, ranging from light to very dark, with the sheen on each wrapper coming from the aging process’s effect on the leaves’ oils.

But How Can You Identify A Quality Wrapper?

The most alluring wrapper leaf is thin, delicate, and has very few visible veins. It also has a glistening sheen with a smooth texture.

On the other hand, a low-quality wrapper will have stains and blemishes with thicker and visible veins.

This means that the curing and fermentation process of the wrapper leaves was rushed or improper.

Such cigar wrappers also indicate that the tobacco used to make the wrapper was coarser.

If you get splitting or cracks on wrappers, this can suggest that the cigar was stored carelessly in dry conditions.

Mould on the wrappers additionally shows that the cigar was stored in humid conditions.

Now that you know how to identify the quality of a cigar based on its wrapper let’s look at the different types of cigar wrappers

The Different Types Of Cigar Wrappers

Common types of wrappers fall under two main categories: natural and Maduro wrappers.

  1. Natural wrappers

These wrappers are usually light tan or golden blond in terms of colors. Their taste will have a hint of cashews, almonds, and cedar.

Natural wrappers also have a moderate to light spicy flavour.

Today, it is common to find cigars that are not Maduro being marketed as natural.

Nevertheless, the common types of these wrappers are the Ecuador Connecticut and Connecticut Shade.

  • Maduro wrappers

Maduro refers to the aging or the wrapper leaf’s fermentation process, and it translates to ripe or mature.

The dark brown color that is common on these wrappers comes from the fine fermentation process used that also gives off the sweet, rich, Maduro flavour that is famously known to these type of wrappers.

Nevertheless, the colors on the Maduro wrappers can range from brown to jet black, and it can vary in region, flavour, country, or strength.

You can also use the intensity of the color to identify the Maduro wrappers.

For instance, the double Maduro have very dark, nearly back wrappers while the Colorado Maduro have the typical dark brown color.

The best type of Maduro cigars are separated into strong, mild, and medium, and the best wrapper variety is the Connecticut Broadleaf.

Other Types Of Wrappers Include:
  1. Habano Wrappers

The tobacco leaves that make these wrappers are grown in Cuba, but the fermentation process used to make the Habano wrappers is traditional.

As a result, the cigars come out heavy on their aroma, and they usually have a dominant wood, earthy, and coffee flavors.

However, you will find many people refer to Cuban wrappers grown outside of Cuba as Habano wrappers.

  • Candela Wrappers

The candela wrapper is easily identifiable because of its green color.

The green color remains after processing because the tobacco leaves are harvested before they are completely mature.

Also, the drying out process is quick, which ensures that the green color remains.

Regarding flavour, the Candela wrappers have a grassy tea flavour with a hint of pepper and cedar.

Nevertheless, their tasteful and mild nature allows them to be an excellent cigar choice for beginners.

  • Connecticut Wrappers

These wrappers come from the regions around the Connecticut River valley in the Northeast region.

Brands like Ashton, Macanudo, and Arturo Fuente use this type of wrapper.

This means that you will find the best-selling cigars in the world wrapped in the golden-brown Connecticut wrapper.

Why? The Northeast region has rich soils that produce crops that remain unmatched.

Moreover, the sunlight intensity in the region is also low compared to other regions. As a result, these wrappers have a rich, sweet, and creamy taste.

  • Connecticut Shade Wrappers

Unlike other Connecticut Wrappers, this shade type is not grown under direct sunlight.

Instead, it is protected by a nylon mesh that simulates a cloudy sky.

Hence, the plant is typically protected from direct sunlight.

The color on these wrappers is golden to honey, and they have a light and silky texture. But why are these wrappers expensive?

The process of growing crops is very labor-intensive.

Also, maintaining crops requires a lot of attention and effort.

Nevertheless, the taste you get from these fantastic wrappers is coffee with cream, cashews, and almonds.

These wrappers also have a very excellent nicotine density.

  • Corojo Wrappers

Previously known to be one of the most famous Cuban wrappers, the Corojo is today grown in Honduras.

The cigars with these wrappers often have a brown, red hue, and the texture is usually oily. The wrapper has a robust flavour with a zesty scent.

Apart from taking a Honduran adventure, other countries that grow these wrappers are in Central America.

You must know what you are looking at if you want to find the perfect cigar wrapper.

There are many more different types of cigar wrappers in the market.

So remember, the wrapper colors represent the taste, blends, and origin of the wrapper.

Also, always ensure your wrapper has no blemishes, cracks, or mould.

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