Collecting Cigars

Climate differences and Cigars

Geography and climate can have a great effect on plants and leaves and how they taste when they are fermented and rolled. Every sort of tobacco grown in different parts of the world ends up taking on characteristics of the soil, climate and rainfall. This is called terroir. The term terroir refers to soil composition, sun exposure, rain and fluctuations in temperature. It is most referred to for its impact in wine making, but the same can be said in tobacco. In Nicaragua alone (images), you have four different regions that grow tobacco. You can take the same seed and plant it in those four different regions and get a different flavor profile.  You have Jalapa, which is in the mountains on the Honduran border where they grow a lot of wrapper leaves. Then down the street you have Condega,

How to properly smoke a cigar

Slow down. This is probably the most important note if you want to properly smoke a cigar. The whole point is to relax and enjoy yourself. You’ve scheduled your “me time” and there is no need to rush it. Take a few puffs, sit back and enjoy. If you feel it getting hot and you taste a bit of bitterness in the cigar, that is a clear sign you’re smoking it too fast and you need to slow down. Remember that great legends are not born overnight. Patience, humility and consistency molds classiness. Those who know, express silently. Do NOT inhale. The main reason is cigar tobacco, also called dark or black tobacco, is completely different from the tobacco you find in cigarettes. It is not as acidic which means that even if you try to get nicotine in your

How to smoke a cigar without a cutter

So here you are, feet in the sand, in the shade on the coast of your favorite Central American country on the Caribbean Ocean. You brought your fresh coconuts, some cut up pineapple, and your gorgeous spouse who is laying next to you tanning in the golden hot sun rays. You open the stash of your favorite cigars only to discover that you forgot your cutter. With no cigar stores nearby, and only a gang of iguanas relaxing and basking by the shore, you suddenly have a huge problem. Nothing like Armageddon, but the exact feeling in incompleteness, robbing your senses of the detailed wonder around you. When you feel the strong urge to light up and chill in paradise, there should be nothing stopping you from ultimate pristine relaxation. Do not let this feeling of lack overcome you so suddenly! You

What Are The Different Cigar Sizes?

Cigars exist in different shapes and sizes. But since today’s focus is on the cigar sizes, let’s explore how any smoker, whether a cigar aficionado or a beginner, can identify the size of a cigar.

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