Cigar Lighter

There are many questions that ask:

What is the best lighter for cigars?

This really depends on what type of lighter it is! Really.

Personally I do not really like the torch lighter because this is too hot for tobacco.

What happens is that the torch lighter’s flame will burn the cigar too much as the butane is too hot, which results in it being over burnt and will definitely affect the taste of the cigar.

Imagine a steak that you cook, you can’t roast it too much otherwise you will be eating charcoal.

It results in a nasty, acrid and bitter after taste.

When you go to a cigar shop, there are so many different types of cigar lighters available.

Most of the time the staff at the shop do not know which to recommend, as many of them don’t smoke and just want to sell you whatever cigar lighters they have, if not the most expensive brand!

A soft flame lighter is what I usually recommend and you can find many brands of cigar lighters that offer this which gently burns the cigar.

Most of the cigar brand ed cigar lighters do offer a soft flame which is a sign that people are looking for these products.

A good sign is it is yellow in colour and you can even buy them in any store (they don’t have to be the expensive lighters or accessories).

So that is my answer for you! A soft flame, yellow cigar lighters would be what I would recommend.

Can you use a lighter to light a cigar?

Yes you can! It just depends what kind of gas it uses. You want to stay away from zippo lighters (unless they have the new insert which is a butane blue flame and that is fine)

As long as you can see that it uses butane gas, then that is fine and safe for your cigar.

But spend your time slowly to light the cigars.

Hold the lighter far away from cigar and just as near so that it can heat the cigar gently. Don’t put the lighter into the cigar too near, because then the cigars will turn to charcoal.

Dupont make some very nice soft lighters which are quite expensive to purchase, but some can be very beautiful!

Can you take a cigar lighter on a plane?

Every country is different. China for example, does not allow any kind of cigar lighters to be carried on your person or checked into your luggage.

As the price of cigar lighters vary with some being really expensive, the best thing would be to leave your lighters at home and just buy a cheap gas lighter when you arrive at your destination.

What are the best lighters?

There is really no answer to this because it depends on the price, what brands, and what you like!

Xikar is a really popular brand and they have a wide range of price which can satisfy anyone.

They are quite innovative as well as they come out with new products frequently and they do offer shipping all over the world through their extensive distribution network.

Like from Cigar Emperor, we can ship out Xikar lighters too!

Some people ask if it is ok to store their lighters in their humidors, of course, that is not a problem.

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