Cigars or Cigarettes?

If you had to choose one of them, which one would you choose, ‘Cigars or Cigarettes?’ Some of you prefer cigars but some prefer cigarettes. But which one is better? This blog will answer this question for you. 

First, I have to tell you about the difference between them, even if most readers are smoking lovers and already know this information, I’m sure there’s someone who doesn’t know about it. I’ll start with cigars, cigars are tobacco, wrapped in tobacco leaves, or with material that contains tobacco, has no filter, and has larger rolls. In contrast, cigarettes use paper wrapping, have filters, and are much smaller in size. . 

The cigar as a symbol of status

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In this topic, I will discuss “ The cigar as a symbol of status.” Did you ever doubt this? How did it come to be? How can it be represented in a luxury vibe? Let’s unravel this story together.

After the cigars’ famous period in around the 19th to 20th century, they were banned for political reasons in many countries so they were tough to find and tough to buy, and that made cigars even more expensive. In other words, cigars can only be bought and smoked by wealthy and influential people, including celebrities, because they have money and power, they have the privilege. 

Moreover, some movie producers added cigars in the scene to describe the character style, their status, and the mood in that scene. The cigar was in movies such as ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly (1966)’ or ‘Scarface (1983)’. Cigars are mainly related to wealth and power. That’s why cigars became a symbol of status. 

Cigarettes – the ultimate convenience?

A cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing a combustible material, typically tobacco. They come in light and strong variations, including menthols, flavored varieties, and electronic cigarettes. 

A filtered cigarette has been treated with tiny holes to improve the flow of air and reduce the amount of tar inhaled by the smoker. 

The cigarette has a paper or paper-like covering (known as the filter) that can be removed to expose the tobacco core. The filter may serve to reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that is inhaled by the smoker. 

Cigarillos – the perfect compromise?

Cigarillos can be called small cigars due to their features. Cigarillos are smaller and narrower in size than cigars but usually bigger than cigarettes. They have no filter, contain about 3 grams of tobacco, and are wrapped by tobacco leaf or material that contains tobacco. They can be sold in packs or on single rolls and be smoked like cigars.

Furthermore, cigarillos also have various flavors such as watermelon, sour apple, peach, mango, strawberry, and grape. Hence they are favored by young adults because of not only their flavors, which make it easier to smoke, but also their cheap price which they can afford. That easily shows how they’re very approachable to young people. What a perfect compromise!

The health implications

As we know smoking has negative effects on our bodies, especially on our lungs. Many people avoid smoking cigarettes but smoke cigars instead, perhaps because they want to relax or enjoy socializing and because most of the smokers who smoke cigarettes will inhale the smoke, while smokers who smoke cigars will keep the smoke in their mouth. Some people think smoking cigars doesn’t bring much smoke into their lungs. Thus they trust that cigars would be better than cigarettes.

According to this information, we can see that cigars and cigarettes are hard to compare, but it can be said that a cigar isn’t healthier than a cigarette as many people believe. However, It stands on your preference. If you prefer cigars, smoke cigars. Suppose you prefer cigarettes, smoke cigarettes. And if you prefer cigarillos, just smoke them. whether you prefer which one, they have strengths and flaws in many ways, and the effect you will receive depends on how you use them.

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