Top Unusual and Unique Cigars

To understand what makes a cigar unique is to take a deep dive into what every individual cigar is about. From the tobacco to the shape to the age to the entirety of its production process. What truly makes a rare cigar? Is it tobacco? The shape? The age? In many cases, it’s a blend of every one of these components. Check out a couple of the top unique and unusual cigars on the market right now.

Fuente Fuente Opus X BBMF

When Carlito Fuente started the Fuente Opus X during the ’90s, it was more than basically another new cigar in the outstanding Arturo Fuente portfolio. It resulted from an extended mission to prove that a quality wrapping leaf could be produced in the Dominican Republic. A quest to deliver a principal premium Dominican Puro.

Fuente Opus X is accessible in various classic configurations just as other less customary, outlandish shapes, a considerable lot of which are exclusive to the brand and a large number of which are produced in small numbers. Among the least-experienced and generally pursued shapes is Fuente Opus X BBMF, an incredibly spectacular cigar, both in taste and appearance. BBMF is accessible in either a Natural or a Maduro wrapping leaf.

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Unique cigars

Arturo Fuente Opus X Chili Pepper

Overflowed with the state of – you got it – a bean stew pepper, the Arturo Fuente Opus X Chili Pepper is in reality nearest to an Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller, an exemplary Figurado, however, with a bent point at the cap.

Try not to be tricked by its small 5-inch-by-55-ring-check measurements. The Chili Pepper sneaks up all of a sudden with an overwhelmingly all-Ligero formula of premium matured Dominican binder and Dominican filler tobaccos underneath the amazing Dominican Rosado wrapping found on Opus X cigars. Its thick, smoky profile concentrates radiant Dominican flavors with firm kinds of cedar, cinnamon, cowhide, and red and dark peppers.

La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel

A product of Litto Gomez’ innovation, the reserved Chisel shape is accessible in various profoundly evaluated mixes, especially the La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero Chisel, which is handmade with either a Sun Grown Ecuador wrapping leaf or an earthier Maduro. Both are full-bodied, peppery, and strong.

The exemplary Chisel size is 6 inches with a 54-ring measure. Gomez has embraced his Chisel shape in a small bunch of varieties, including a couple of box-squeezed restricted releases in more extraordinary ring measures and various modest shapes called Chiselitos.

Ashton VSG Enchantment

A darkly gleaming Ecuador Sumatra wrapping hides a wonderful interior of superbly matured Dominican fastener and filler tobaccos. Ashton VSG Enchantment is expertly built by the Fuente family’s most talented cigar rollers because of its muddled shape. A high-level rolling capacity is needed to guarantee the cigar burns impeccably and conveys a sublime draw.

This current Figurado‘s bulbous measurements measure at 4.375 inches with a 60-ring gauge check at the cigar’s thickest point. Small, thick, and shapely formats make the Ashton VSG Enchantment among the most striking. Notes of cedar, raisins, cowhide, and dark pepper are very notable.

Argyle A-Bomb

Tipping the scales at a misrepresented 9 inches by a 95-ring measure, Argyle A-Bomb is a monster. It might be too big to smoke in one go but worth every second if you plan to. While it’s difficult to take in one portion, it’s an enormous behemoth too delightful to put something aside for some other time.

Every unusual cigar is bundled in an individual final resting place box and sells for $19.95 each – a steal when you consider precisely the size of cigar you’re getting. No other cigar will draw the attention of onlookers the way the Argyle A-Bomb can.

A tan Corojo wrapping leaf is hung over a broad mix of Dominican and Nicaragua folio and filler tobaccos. A flavor profile of almonds, wood, and calfskin with rich flavors unfurls over an around 5-hour smoking event.

Argyle is handmade by a select gathering of distinctive, prepared cigar rollers in the Dominican Republic.

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Unusual cigars

Arturo Fuente Between the Lines

In conjunction with a delightful Cameroon covering leaf and a pleasant formula of premium Dominican folio and filler tobaccos, the Arturo Fuente Between the Lines incorporates a brilliant fair Connecticut Shade wrapping and a rotating Connecticut Broadleaf. Inside, a steady matching of matured long-filler Dominican tobaccos finishes the mix.

Between the Lines turns between rich, nutty flavors and gritty notes of dull chocolate and smoky maple. Not costly for a good cigar, Arturo Fuente Between the Lines, by and large, sells for just shy of $15 per cigar.

Padron 80 Years

As a lofty Nicaraguan brand, Padron remembered brand author Jose Orlando Padron’s 80th birthday celebration with the Padron 80 Years cigar. The splendid all-Nicaraguan smoke is abounded in a sharp Perfecto-formed profile estimating 6.75 inches with a 54-ring measure.

The rich, full-bodied configuration is accessible in both a Natural and a Maduro wrapping leaf. Every cigar is handmade by the organization’s most senior cigar rollers from the most seasoned tobacco inventories. Notes of nuts, cocoa, espresso beans, cedar, cinnamon, and flavors spellbind the sense of taste with disturbing guilty pleasure. Padron 80 Years sells for $32.10 for a solitary cigar, making it to a greater degree a unique event smoke.

Liga Privada Flying Pig

The Drew Estate set off its hefty, non-enhanced store Liga Privada cigars back in 2008 with minimal fanfare and low expectations. This line of hot, full-bodied smokes is produced by hand with great precision in Estelí, Nicaragua, from complicated tobacco recipes drafted from various homesteads and tobacco-developing areas.

Liga Privada cigars are handmade in various conventional formats. However, the cigar producers ultimately started to produce small limited-edition releases here and there with crazy names like Dirty Rat and Flying Pig. Today, Flying Pigs represent probably the most sought-after Liga Privada smokes in the market.

Each Flying Pig communicates its particular mix with a cool-consuming, smooth rush of flavor. Flying Pigs are rolled with a braid cap at the head and are supposed to be a troublesome shape for the rollers to create because of their irregular measurements.

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