Which Is The Best Cigar App Out There?

Which Is The Best Cigar App Out There?

Find out which are the best cigar apps for your smart phone now!
Recommended Cigar Apps for your smart phone

“Where can I find a cigar bar near me?” If you are any cigar fanatic, you’ve asked this question before. You can easily find the answer from the comfort of your mobile device. And no, this is not about using Google: Instead, it’s about directing you towards the best cigar app. It will get you the cigar inventory of a lifetime. If you are ready to become a mobile stogie, these are the apps you should consider downloading:

  1. Cigar Scanner

If you are looking for the best cigar app in the market, Cigar Scanner does it entirely. This great app is a cross-platform application that is fun and cool to use. Perfect for beginners and experts alike, the app offers essential information about the different cigars available in the market.

Besides, using the app is relatively easy. All you need to do is use the app to take a picture of a cigar. The app then gives you all the details you’ll need to know about that particular cigar. This information included the origin, wrapper color, strength, blend, cost, and rating of the cigar.

Once you have a list of your premium cigars, save their image in the app’s history section. This will give you straightforward access to information about the cigars you like when you go shopping.

  • Cigar Boss

If you are a cigar smoker and a history buff, then Cigar Boss is the app for you. The application’s database has historical information about at least seven thousand cigars. You can also rate any cigar with the app as you learn about its history. Cigar Boss will also let you read the professional reviews on cigars.

Moreover, you will have access to information about premium cigars and cigar smoking. What happens when you find a new Cigar brand you’d like to try? You might wonder, “Is there a cigar lounge near me?” Don’t fret! Cigar Boss will direct you to the nearest cigar bar that sells that specific brand of cigars.

  • Cigar Rights Of America (CRA)

It is common knowledge that selling or buying Cuban Cigars is illegal for U.S citizens. Cigar Rights of America will help keep track of this type of information and so much more. For instance, the app will update you on any changing cigar regulations, laws, and give you fast access to important information about the anti-tobacco movement. This app is a public advocacy group that fights to protect the rights of every smoker. If anything, download the app to support the group and the future of your smoking experiences.

  • Cigar Dojo

Cigar smoking is a community endeavor. This is where Cigar Dojo comes in – it lets you connect with other cigar smokers. How? Users can share their photos on the app, update their status, and talk to other smokers. Think of Cigar Dojo as your social media cigar club.

  • Where To Smoke

This app is perfect for traveling cigar smokers who find it challenging to find smoking zones in new cities, states, or countries. It is challenging to find a cigar lounge or a smoke-friendly spot in public areas because of changing laws.

So, download this app and get access to information about smoking locations all over the country you are touring. Where to smoke will give you the address, distance, and phone number of the smoking location.

Finding your next smoke lounge, whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, has never been easier. This is also an excellent app for Android users.

  • Perelman’s Pocket Cyclopedia of Cigars

This is the best cigar app to have on your Apple device. Created by the Cigar Cyclopedia creators, the app offers a wide range of cigar information. The information stored in its database includes the cigar flavor, production, rating, aroma, and history of various cigars. You will also get information about the shape, filler info, wrapper material, size, binder material, and cigar origin.

  • Cigar Geeks

This app is the most popular one among Android users for a reason: it offers very accurate and vital information that even experienced smokers rely on. It has a pervasive database with information about various cigars.

Additionally, Cigar Geeks will allow you to visit a virtual humidor with at least thirty thousand cigars that are organized and ready for you to learn about. One other advantage of using this app is the numerous reviews it offers from cigar rollers and smokers.

This means you can learn a lot about cigars from this app, like how to cut cigars for beginners, as well as decide whether one particular type is the right one for you. This app is for you if you are into personal preferences.

  • Mobile Stogie

Are you a cigar collector? Then the mobile stogie is the app for you. It offers a massive catalog that allows you to select your cigar inventory. The catalog has over two thousand cigars made by more than one hundred primary cigar brands. Once you have your inventory, the app will help you manage it, which also is your reference point for all things cigars – it offers information about cigar features and different blends.

Now that you know the best cigar apps to download on your mobile device, don’t miss the chance to make your smoking experience easy.

Remember, some of these apps are free. Others require payment.

Nevertheless, they are worth every penny you spend.

Beginners will mostly find it easier to navigate the cigar journey with at least one of these apps at hand.

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