22 Famous Black-Owned Cigar Businesses

For many cigar smokers, the enjoyment isn’t only about what you smoke, but also where you smoke and with whom you smoke.

That’s why there’s a huge market for black-owned cigar businesses across the world.

Below, we list 22 of the most popular black-owned cigar businesses across the globe.

  • Aireyys Ltd (London, UK) – The United Kingdom’s largest cigar line.
  • Blew Smoke (Brooklyn, NY) – One of the Big Apple’s most sophisticated cigar lounges. It includes TVs, private humidors and a BYOB drink policy.
  • Carolina Blue Cigars (Huntersville, NC) – These unforgettable cigars are crafted in the Dominican Republic and perfected in Carolina.
  • Cigar City Club (Atlanta, GA) – Enjoy full-service gourmet dining and live entertainment with your cigar. Fine wines, top-shelf spirits, and an impressive humidor selection enhance the experience further.
  • Cigars 210 (Fort Washington MD) – This full-scale cigar retailers has a huge range of popular brands and impressive selection of rarer options to buy.
  • Dignity CigarsThese cigars are offered exclusively through five-star hotels, boutique lounges, or high-end events.  
  • Don Abram Harris Cigars (Lexington Park) – The first African-American cigar manufacturer ever to exist in the United States remains one of the most luxorious in the country.
  • El Primer Mundo Cigars – This nationwide franchise is undoubtedly one of the premium cigar market’s classic boutique brands.
  • Epic Cigars (Santiago, D.R.) Get your hands on the highest quality tobacco from the Dominican Republic, as well as various other blends from around the world.
  • Hubbard Cigars (St. Louis, MO) –  A spot to create strong business connections and meaningful friendships while enjoying cigars.
  • Lashes and Mustashes (Atlanta, GA) – A licensed tobacco retailer and portable cigar lounge business.
  • Tres Lindas Cubanas (Miami, FL) – Co-founded by two African-American cigar aficionados and two Afro-Cuban twin sisters. Their blends are categorized by their different skin tones.
  • Trilogy Lounge (Atlanta,GA)

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