Exploring The World Of Cigar Cutters

Exploring The World Of Cigar Cutters

Exploring the world of cigar cutters requires zeal and precision. Why? You have to go deeper than finally finding the top ten cigars to smoke. And sure, the best cigar blogs might give you vital information about cigars.

cigar cutters
cigar cutters

Nevertheless, you need to go beyond that if you want the perfect cut from your cigar cutter. But did you know there are different types of cigar cutters, each designed to work with your smoke preference? That’s why we are here.

Our comprehensive piece will explore how you can identify and choose the best cigar cutters to get the perfect cut every time.

Identifying Cigar Cutters?

Cigar cutters were once the ubiquitous accessory for any smoker, but they were often hidden from the public. Even today, finding these cigar accessories can be challenging. So how can you identify this tool that has for years remained a mystery?

When exploring the world of cigar cutters, visit a fair, antique store, or flea market and look for small boxes, usually with glass tops. Inside the boxes, look for tools made of steel, tin, precious metals, wood, or iron. Keep in mind that different cutters come in different shapes and sizes.

Then look for a round opening anywhere within the little trinket you find in the box. This opening or hole is the location you place the head of the cigar before cutting. This also means that you should look for anything that can cut the cigar at the hole.

It can be a puncturing pin or a small blade. If what you find fits this entire description, chances are you’ve found yourself a cigar cutter. When in doubt, ask for assistance from the shop dealers. Or, take the easy way out and buy your cigar cutter online.

Types Of Cigar Cutters

You can cut cigars with the three primary cutter varieties: the pocket size punchers, the scissor style clippers, and the combination or countertop set model. The pocket-size punchers or slicers are antique cigar cutters with a ring that we commonly use to attach the cutters to watch chains.

The combination set is typically home accessories, while the countertops are used in cigar stores. Some of these cigars are made of silver, bronze, or gold. Nevertheless, many are made of metals like tin, steel and iron. These cutters and cigar are also sculptured in many different forms.

How Do You Choose The Right Cutter?

If a cigar is not properly cut, it ruins the overall smoking experience – a bad cut either tears or crushes the tobacco ruining the smoke in the process. That being said, regardless of your cut option, the blade on your cutter has to be sharp.

So, how do you choose the right cutter? It depends on the type of smoking experience you desire. Each experience will be defined by the:

  1. Type Of Tool

Your cigar cutter’s ergonomic design will significantly affect your smoking experience since the cut draws the smoke through the cigar. You should also choose your cutting tool based on the type of cut that feels comfortable in your mouth. The most common tools used to cut cigars include:

  • The single or double-bladed guillotine
  • Scissors
  • Cigar punches
  • Cigar piercer
  • V-cut

Other emergency tools that you can use include:

  • Your teeth
  • Matchstick
  • Pocket knife
  • Fingernails
  • Razorblade

Type Of Cigar Cut

Three significant cuts exist, the straight, punch, and V cut. On the cigar head, you will find at least one small seam on its circumference. The seams sit on the part of the cigar head that is called the shoulder. This is the part that covers the end of the cigar and is known as the cap.

Cutting your cigar means removing the cap entirely while leaving the strip of the flag leaf. The flag leaf is left behind to ensure the cigar wrapper does not unravel. Leaving the flag leaf is challenging. That is why punch cutters are becoming popular today.

That being said, the straight cut is the most popular type of cut. It is easily achieved using guillotine style, sharp stainless steel blades, and cigar scissors. However, ensure that the cutting action is decisive and quick to get the perfect cut.

For best results, keep the cigar stationary and move the cutter towards the cigar head and into the guillotine’s hole. The guillotine cigar cutter is also excellent at making the V-cut. Nevertheless, long-handled levers offer a more elegant v-cut.

You will also need to go deeper to make the v-cut than you would with the straight cut. The punch cut is the easiest to achieve and the most convenient. This is because the punch cutter is very mobile. But, gauge cigars might need more than one hole to get the perfect draw. 

The Heaviness Of The Smoke

Exploring the world of cigar cutters is vastly reliant on the type of smoke emitted by one puff. Therefore, you need to consider your cut option just as significantly as you consider your kind of cigar.

For instance, the bullet cutter is a cigar punch that concentrates the smoke and leaves a smooth surface of the cigar cap. The v-cut tool also focuses the smoke of the cigar. But if you like to chew on your cigar, the v-cut option is one you should not consider.

Also, the double guillotine cutter is excellent at removing the potential for air offered by other cutters. On the other hand, the single guillotine cutter provides a wide cut to give you a full and even draw.

Remember, all three work together to give you the perfect smoking experience. While the process of cutting cigars seems complicated, getting the right cutter and learning how to cut perfectly will make the work easier for you.

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