Top 10 Gifts for Cigar Aficionados

Top 10 Gifts for Cigar Aficionados

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The only way to impress the pickiest of the bunch among your cigar aficionados is to get them momentous cigar themed gifts. But how do you do that? Well, that’s why we are here.

Today, we’ll let you in on some of the top 10 gifts for a cigar aficionado that will make you celebrated among fine tobacco purveyors.

Here we go:

  1. Cigar Atlas

If you’re looking for a safe bet, buy your cigar smoker an atlas. This is a book that takes you across the world, discussing the different types of cigars. Anyone that loves cigars will be happy to track down the cigars they love, and those they would like to explore on their next travel adventure. And this cigar atlas is the perfect place to start.

2. Cigar Tasting Notebook

Yes, cigar journals do exist, and they are a great gift for any avid smoker. Why? In the United States alone, the Cigar demand has increased to at least 150 million per year.  Besides, types like the Cuban cigars previously thought reserved for older generations are now a preference for younger men.

What’s more, no one wants to be the novice smoker in a cigar lounge. This makes the tasting notebook an excellent gift for anyone who wishes to write down their cigar’s flavour. These notes also make for perfect discussion points with friends on a chill Friday afternoon.

3. Magazine Subscription

We are in the digital age, where finding information about cigars is as easy as installing the best cigar app in the industry. But you have to admit; there is something that remains alluring about a man that sits on a leather chair, reading a magazine with a cigar in hand.

So, why not make this a Cigar magazine to make the experience all the more enticing to your smoker friend? Besides, what are the chances that cigar smokers like to read about cigars and the lifestyle that comes with it? We bet it’s a big chance you can capitalize on.

4. Cigar Travel Case

The perfect gift for anyone that loves travelling as much as they love cigars. These beautiful cases come in different shapes and styles. Nevertheless, they remain small enough to fit in a travel bag comfortably. They have enough space to hold four cigars, a cigar cutter, and a cigar lighter. If you are lucky, you’ll get one that has a credit card slot feature.

5. Personalize A Cigar Box

Let’s agree that your cigar aficionado already has a cigar holder or a cigar box. Do them one better and make the holder one of the top 10 gifts for a cigar fun by personalising it. There are many design options you can select from. If you are a creative yourself, create a totally unique design, one that speaks to your cigar aficionado character. Then etch the design into a beautiful box and secure it with a brass clasp.

6. Glasses For Your Drinks

This may seem unorthodox at first, but there’s a perfect way to pair cigars with drinks. So why not enhance the smoking experience with beautiful whiskey glasses for a cigar and whiskey lover. Or get new wine glasses to add to your evening smoking experience with your partner.

These gift ideas will complete the smoking set. Moreover, some glasses have a small cutout explicitly designed to let you hold your cigar against your glass. And for an extremely customized experience, engrave the glasses with initials or an excellent smoking quote.

7. Cigar Ashtray

If you smoke cigars, whether you are a beginner or a specialist, you’ll likely have an ashtray. The big question, why include it in the top 10 gifts for a cigar aficionado? Because too many ashtrays are never enough for any smoker.

Select one with excellent durability and quality, customize it to your cigar fun’s preference, and add an engraved message if you will. For instance, get an ashtray with multiple cigars rests if your cigar aficionado likes to host parties, and pair it with a cigar cutter. They will love the effort.

8. Cigar Humidor

custom unique one off humidor
A beautiful custom, one off humidor would make a great gift for a cigar fan!

The perfect cigar can only be as good as its quality. This is why you can never go wrong with a cigar humidor. Sure, it is a traditional gift, but it keeps the cigars fresh. So invest in these cigar accessories for any of your friends that take cigar-smoking seriously.

9. Cigar Lighter

The right equipment will give your smoker the perfect smoking experience. This is where the lighter comes in: As far as cigar gifts go, a nice, even, and solid unique torch lighter is a win. Give your aficionado a shiny new lighter to pull out among other aficionados on their getaway vacation.

10. Cigar Sampler

cigar sampler gift idea
A sampler of different blends of cigars makes a great gift

This is the perfect gift for a gift-giver that is clueless about the cigar world. It is familiar but still functional for all cigar smokers. All you need to do is find a box with a variety of cigars for your cigar aficionado to enjoy. Your smoker will be happy to try out the different flavours you select.


As a word of caution, many cigar lovers are particular about their tastes and preference.

Nevertheless, this list of gifts is versatile.

Therefore, it is perfect for both a beginner and an expert smoker.

If unsure, ask for guidance from other cigar experts before you make your purchase.

Happy gift giving!

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