Snip! Goes The Pigtail – Cutting Pigtail Cigars

What are pigtail cigars & how do you cut them? If you go to the store and find cigars that stand out because they have twisted caps at the end, then know you’ve acquainted yourself with pigtail cigars. They make perfect gifts for cigar aficionados and beginners because of their aesthetic.

But there’s more to this cigar than its appearance. For instance, many people prefer the pigtail cigars because its cap can be removed without a cutter. So, why then talk about cutting pigtail cigars? Because even the best cigar smoker can benefit significantly from acquiring a vast knowledge of cigars.

So, what are pigtail cigars & how do you cut them? Let’s find out.

About Pigtail Cigars

Pigtail cigars are believed to have originated from the El Laquito factory in Cuba in the 1960s. The Lancero was the name given to the first blend of pigtail cigars. They were 7.5 inches long with a 39 percent ring gauge.

These special Cuban cigars were explicitly made for Fidel Castro – they were never distributed publicly. Other people believe that the pigtail cigars were made to ensure that the cigar smoker had an easier time removing the cigar’s cap.

Some even think that the twist on the cap was designed explicitly for thin cigars. Why? These specific cigars’ shape and size make them very challenging to roll since the roller can easily underfill or overfill the cigar filler. However, it is possible to get pigtail cigars in other shapes today.

The only certainty associated with pigtail cigars’ history is that they were only released as limited edition cigars when they were first introduced into the market. But their demand grew fast, forcing many manufacturers to start producing the pigtail cigars in different blends and wrapper options.

The short and fat Liga Privada Flying Pigs cigars are top-rated and in demand in the cigar market. So, the next time you see a cigar with a twisted cap, know you are in the presence of a pigtail cigar – these pigtail caps are standard for every pigtail cigar manufacture today.

Pigtail cigars
Cigars with pigtails

This Is How To Cut A Pigtail Cigar

The method you use to cut your cigar will affect your burn significantly. Sure, you have the freedom to cut it as you like, but there is a system to the madness. One thing that you should keep in mind is that your cut should be personal.

For instance, the cut you make on your cigar will determine whether you get a tight or a loose draw. So, how can you cut your pigtail cigar correctly? The easiest way to do this is to cut the cigar without a cutter.

All you have to do is twist the pigtail off to make an opening in the cap. But you have to do this quickly to ensure you do not tear apart the cap or unravel the wrapper leaf. But if you twist the cap and notice you don’t have a clean-cut, you can remove the uneven sections with a cutter.

Types Of Cutters You Can Use

You’ve probably taken the time to explore the world of cigar cutters, and you want to know if you can use your favorite to remove the cap on your pigtail cigar. Indeed, there are several types of cigar cutters you can use on your pigtail cigar. These include:

  • Straight cutter
  • V-cutter
  • Punch cutter, but this option is only for a select few

If you want the type of cutter that will give you a clean cut but make your work easy and fast at the same time, then you should get yourself a straight cutter. The easiest way to cut your pigtail cigar is to cut the base, and the straight cutter will do this with ease.

Ensure you only cut off just the right size to give you a smooth draw. But if you want a deep and cool draw, then make the cut slightly deeper. You should also do the same thing if you have a v-cutter. However, make sure your pigtail doesn’t get snarled in the cutter’s blade because the resulting cut will give you a very messy draw.

On the other hand, punch cutters are not the ideal type of cutters to use on pigtail cigars simply because they are unnecessary. But if you insist on using a punch cutter, start by removing the pigtail cap with a twist. Then use the punch cutter to clean up the rough edges of the cigar.

Pigtail cigars


There are many different cigar shapes and sizes in the market. So, what are pigtail cigars & how do you cut them? Pigtail cigars are those cigars that have a twisted cap, and they can be cut in several different ways.

You can either choose to twist the cap off or use a cutter for your pigtail cigar. Most people even prefer to bite off the end of the cap, but this might not be a cool move if you’re trying to show your expertise in your local cigar lounge.

That being said, the preferred method of cutting a pigtail cigar is to twist and pull. The cutters also work fine, especially if you have a specific cut preference for your cigar draw. So, if you are the type to leave the house without your car keys, get yourself pigtail cigars. They make the perfect option for moments when you do not have a cutter near you.

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