What Are The Different Cigar Shapes?

Before you start exploring the world of cigar cutters, you must know the size and shape of your cigar. Today we will be looking at the different cigar shapes. If you are a cigar aficionado, you can probably name all sorts of cigar shapes.

But if you are new to this world, it is essential to note that the cigar industry is yet to standardize any of the cigars’ shapes. For instance, you will find that the United States market calls a particular cigar brand a Double Corona while the Cuban market calls it a Prominente.

Nevertheless, learning the shape of your cigars is an adventure worth taking. This article will also give you a breakdown of the most popular types of cigar shapes and their terminology. So, what are the different cigar shapes? Let’s start this journey by looking at the two primary distinctions: the A Parejo and the A Figurado.

A Parejo And A Figurado: What Is The Difference

Your answers to “what are the different cigar shapes” start with understanding the difference between A Parejo and A Figurado. The A Parejo represents the classic cigar shape. This is a straight or flush cigar shape.

A Parejo is straight with the end of the cigar known as the head shaped in a one rounded cap. The foot of this type of cigar is the flat end. These types of cigars come in any size. On the other hand, anything else is known as A Figurado.

Typically, the A Figurado will not follow any conventional straightness of a cigar. It can change in thickness at any point, which is why the word “Torpedo” is used to describe these cigars. There are also different types of Parejo and Figurado cigars.

Different cigar shapes
Different shapes of cigars

Types Of Parejo Cigars

We’ve already mentioned that the Parejos represent the most common cigar shape because of their flat foot and domed head. However, parejos can be described further by looking into their other delivery formats. These include the box-pressed and the Culebra cigar shapes.

  • Box-Pressed Cigar Shape

This type of cigar shape has a square-shaped finish. Even though this cigar shape was initially introduced to save money, the cigars are becoming popular among cigar smokers today. During transportation, this type of cigar shape is not spaced out like regular Parejo cigars.

Instead, the cigars are pressed and crammed into smaller sizes that are easily transported in more significant numbers. As a result, the pressure gives the cigars a square shape. But, because of their tight packing, the cigars provide a more consistent flavour, and they burn longer. 

  • Culebra Cigar Shape

Also known as the snake cigar, the Culebra has existed since the late 19th century. These cigars are made by perfectly braiding three Panatela purejos together. Hence, the manufacturing process of these cigars is not easy.

First, the roller ensures the cigar is moist enough to prevent breakage under pressure. Then the cigar is subjected to the braiding process. Once done, a single band is used to wrap the cigars together. A ribbon is then placed on each end of the cigar.

In some types, the three cigars share a head and a foot. But in others, the cigars can be separated and shared among other cigar smokers. But if you are an avid cigar smoker, don’t cringe from taking a puff of the three cigars together.

cigar shapes
Shapes of different cigars

Types Of Figurado Cigars

What are the different cigar shapes among the Figurado cigar group?

  1. Torpedo

Most Figurado cigars are referred to as Torpedo. However, this is a cigar type in the Figurado group that features a tapered and sloping head that curved into a point.

  • Piramide

Known as pyramids in English, these cigars are tapered from the head down to the cigar’s body. As a result, they are thicker at the foot when compared to the base of their head. However, the cap on this cigar is very similar to that of a Torpedo.

  • Belicoso

The shape of this cigar looks similar to the Torpedo. But, they do have a sharper taper. If you see a cigar with a head that resembles a bullet, chances are you’ve found yourself a Belicoso. This hybrid between the Parejos and the Torpedoes has a slight point at the head that makes it easy to customize your draw.

  • Perfecto

This variety of cigar shapes have tapered ends on the foot and the head. Often referred to as the Double Figurado or the Exquisito cigars in Cuba, both ends of this cigar can sometimes be capped with the flag leaf. Nevertheless, the foot is always left open with a bump at the end. Otherwise, these cigars appear very symmetrical, with pointed shapes on each end of the cigar.


When choosing the shape of your cigar, consider several factors like the flavour, time, and smoking convenience. The broad long cigars can be hectic to smoke hands-free. They are also tricky to travel, even though they have a more extended smoking experience.

Nevertheless, you should make a choice based on your preference. Or find a list of the best cigar blogs to learn more about cigars and their shapes before making a purchase. Remember, there are more versions of the cigar shapes mentioned above.

Additionally, different terminologies are used to describe the same cigar shape in different regions. Therefore, to get you started, consider the amount of time you are willing to spend on a cigar. Then use this knowledge to select the cigar shape you would prefer.

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